Our Philosophy And How We Work


On your first full visit to our office, after you've had your teeth cleaned, and been examined by Tanieya or Audrey, our very experienced and capable hygienists, Dr. Krowne will come in and spend time with you. We believe that by learning about you, and then by sharing about ourselves, the foundation for a long-lasting and satisfying professional relationship will begin. Dr. Krowne will answer any of your concerns, and do a thorough examination. If no further treatment is needed, we'll suggest that you set up an appointment for another preventive visit six months later.

If you do need treatment, Dr. Krowne will discuss various options and give you choices. Yours is the most important voice in everything that gets planned and done. We believe that: "we guide, you decide".

Dr. Krowne and Rose, his assistant of thirty-plus years, will see you at your future visits. We work together like an experienced major league baseball pitcher and catcher; and by knowing each other's movements and styles, we are able to provide smooth, competent and painless treatment. We will make sure that you are listened to and treated kindly and respectfully.

Many people are nervous about going to the dentist. We believe that "we specialize in scaredy cats", meaning simply that we excel at having our patients become comfortable in what they may have previously considered an uncomfortable environment. Countless people tell us that they love coming to our office for care.

Before and after any treatment, our receptionist Judy will be available to discuss any insurance details, and make any financial arrangements. She will also assist in scheduling any future appointments. The "link" that connects the different aspects just mentioned is service. Ours is a serving profession, and we believe that people deserve to have healthy mouths, and we take great pride in providing the care that our patients deserve.

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We pride ourselves on being available for the unpredictable situations that may occur with our mouths like chipping teeth on popcorn kernels, croutons, granola and the like. Should you need to speak with us after office hours, simply call the office number and we will return your call.


Our office is located in the Coolidge Corner section of Brookline. If you are coming from downtown Boston, you would go left at the intersection of Beacon St. and Harvard St. We are on the third block down on the left side of the street.

Insurance and Billing
We accept most traditional insurance plans. Please feel free to call the office to discuss the specifics of your plan.

Payment Options
We accept checks, credit cards or cash.