The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Our Doctor

Dr. Krowne grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where along with a few million others, he was a passionate Brooklyn Dodgers fan. Happily this loyalty has been transferred to our local teams.

He graduated from Rutgers University where he served as the vice-president of his senior class. In addition he was: a member of the student council; a varsity swimmer for three years; a head dormitory supervisor and a leader in his fraternity.

As a dental student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental
Medicine, he assisted in some of the early research projects in bone implanting and grafting.

Following a two-year stint in the Army, which served as a very valuable internship, he practiced with a NYC dentist who was a pioneer in the field of dental implants. Dr. Krowne later had a private practice in Manhattan, and worked in a neighborhood health center in Brooklyn.

Upon moving to the Boston area in 1975, he associated with two very capable and compassionate dentists in the western suburbs. He began practicing in Brookline in 1978 and has been a presence in the Boston dental community since then.. He has taught at the Boston University Dental School and has been on the executive committee of the Brookline Dental Society for eight years, two of which he served as president. This was followed by two years as a trustee of the larger Metropolitan District Dental Society. He has done, and continues to do, an extensive number of continuing education courses. He has attended four, one-week programs at the L.D. Pankey Institute, which is known in dentistry as one of the finest organizations for advanced dental education in the country.

Away from the office, Dr. Krowne has been a marathon runner, having completed four Boston Marathons, and was the top fund raiser for the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge for two consecutive years. Giving back to others, while participating, has always been a very important part of his life. Currently, he and his wife Karen have been doing yoga and meditation at their local health club at least two times a week.

Dr. Krowne and Karen have lived in Wayland for over thirty years, and have two children, Jeffrey, and Kelly. He was very active as a coach on many of his childrens' teams... and now often receives their coaching on many topics about life, and especially parenting.

Dr. Krowne has also served as a board member of his temple for four years, and is an avid reader.


Our Office Team

Rose Burton - Dental Assistant
Rose has worked with us for thirty-seven years. Her assisting skills, when working alongside the doctor, and her abilities to solve any and everything ranging from what will be the most effective technique and materials for whitening teeth, to re-ordering the hundreds of supplies necessary to do our work makes her indispensable.

Rose's personality and enthusiasm for life brightens the office daily. Her willingness to "take responsibility" for all elements of what it takes to work together day-to-day are qualities that are well-respected. Rose's daughter is a dental assistant who also teaches dental assisting. Her grandchildren occupy an extra-special place in her busy life, which also includes spending time with friends, yoga and other forms of exercise, and reading.


Tanieya Mitchell - Dental Hygienist
Tanieya, or "T" as she is also called, has occupied many "chairs" in the office. She has been an assistant, a receptionist, and is now a hygienist. After putting herself back in school six years ago in order to get the pre-requisite science courses, she attended Forsythe Institute of Dental Hygiene full-time. She has been our main hygienist for seven years. She also completed all of the courses for her undergraduate degree. She did all of this while raising her two daughters who are now 25 and 16. She just welcomed a new baby boy to the family who is now 3 months old. 

“T" enjoys entertaining her large family, as well as "pahtying" with friends. Her expertise in all-things-dental allows her to be a big help when new staff members join the practice.


Audrey DeMichele - Dental Hygienist
Audrey has worked two days each week with us for almost eighteen years. One measure of her dedication to our practice, and of the professional satisfaction she gets working here, is that for most of those years, she traveled almost two hours each way to get to our office from New Hampshire.

Audrey also has a degree in therapy and conducts a small practice locally. Unofficially, she is the in-office counselor, providing a compassionate, wise ear in our early morning conversations, before the workday begins. Baby-sitting her three grandchildren occupies some of her time away from the office.


Harley Brown- Office Administrator
Harley is our Administrator, and has been working with us for almost a year. Harley has a tremendous working knowledge and expertise in all the aspects of her job, and she does them with an ease, and self-confidence that is wonderful to be around. She also takes on new projects willingly and accomplishes them both thoroughly and promptly. Her warmth with our patients and "staffettes" adds a lot to our office's ambiance. Away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family, and friends.


Doris Kadis - Bookkeeper
Doris has also worn several "hats" in our practice. She has worked with us for about twenty years as a part-time receptionist, and most recently as our bookkeeper. While the job only takes a few hours each week, it is very important that it be done thoroughly and accurately, and it always is. It is also very important to all of us to have Doris as part of the office mix. When not spending time with her family, Doris is often out-and-about in Boston attending various cultural events.